Central Cemetery Graz (All Saints Day)

The Graz Central Cemetery - in the Gries district - is the largest cemetery in Graz. The cemetery covers an area of around 25 hectares and has a network of paths with more than 6.5 kilometers and around 30,000 people buried.

The interdenominational cemetery has been a reflection of the history of the city of Graz for over a hundred years and houses graves of members of different religions, world views and nations.

The cemetery has numerous honorary graves from the city of Graz, for example Jochen Rindt (Formula 1 world champion in 1970) and Johann Puch (founder of the Puch-Werke) found their final resting place here. Particularly worth seeing is the Central Cemetery Church, which was built in 1908 in the neo-Gothic style. The church is a popular location for weddings and baptisms.

The Graz Central Cemetery is a place of peace and reflection that also offers an insight into the history of the city of Graz. Especially on All Saints Day, many remember their deceased relatives and countless candles at the gravesites brighten the first night of November.