Feistritz River waterfall

A devine day in autumn at the Soboth at the very southeast of Western Sytria, at the borderland between Styria, Carinthia and Slovenia. The name Soboth originate from the Slavic word potòk respectively sobota, sopot, which is translated with creek, river or waterfall.

The Feistritzbach creek, which deeply dug in itself into this wooded valley, can be explored in a little bit unfamiliar and very sportive way – through „wild hiking“. In doing so there is no defined hiking path along the creek, in fact the brook bed itself is the way to go. Starting from two different starting points, one can discover the creek in two stages. On your way you’ll overcome fallen trees, small and big rocks as well as numerous river crossings. That’s hiking in its purest and sportiest way.

One of the highlights along this hiking adventure is, as shown within this 360° panorama, the „Big Waterfall“ of the Feistritzbach creek at the end of the second stage. A truly magical place.

Shooting date: October 25, 2015