Admont: Ennstal, Gesäuse, Benedictine Abbey and the world's largest monastery library - these terms will come to mind immediately when you think of this place in the Ennstal Alps. Admont, as one of the oldest settlements in Styria, today has around 5,000 inhabitants.

In spring the meadows are full of dandelions and everything is already blooming in the valley, while there is still snow on the mountains - as this 360 ° aerial photo taken in May shows very nicely.

The Benedictine Abbey, visible from afar, was founded in 1074 and today houses the world's largest monastery library with 200,000 volumes - around 70,000 copies are in the impressive book hall. But there are not only books in the Admont Abbey. Also worth a visit are the Natural History and Art History Museums.

Located in the valley floor on the Enns, the surrounding mountains and Austria's youngest national park (founded in 2002)  offer numerous touring options. The municipality of Admont also includes the districts of Hall and Weng, as well as the mountain climbing village of Johnsbach with the famous mountain climbing cemetery.