Ballon ride over Eastern Styria

Probably one of the oldest mankind dreams is to be able to fly like a bird. A balloon ride, like here over Eastern Styria, comes very close to that feeling. Hundrets of cubic meters of hot air, a „little bit“ of fabric and a basket are the only needed things. The balloon silently sails through the air, only interrupted by the ignition of the gas burner providing the required boost.

Eastern Styria is a popular and well known region for hot air ballooning. In the past a lot of national and international balloon championships were held here already. If the weather permits it, numerous ballons – featuring many different colours and designs – romp accross the sky through out the year. Hot air balloon starts are usually scheduled early in the morning or in the late afternoon.

On clear days the view from the basket is (nearly) borderless. What you’re going to see and where the ride will lead you determines only the wind. That’s also why every balloon ride is unique. The 360° panorama shown here, was shot above the small village of Wörth an der Lafnitz, near the Styrian border to the Burgenland. During our 1,5 hour ride, you could view and spot Bad Waltersdorf and Hartberg as well as Stegersbach and Fürstenfeld.

Every person who rode the first time with a balloon, will be raised to the nobility after landing. According to the old balloonist tradition, a curl will be set on fire and gets extinguished with sparkling wine during this baptism. The awareded nobility titles can be quite long … have fun remembering them ;-)

Shooting date: May 6, 2017