Ringkogel (789 m) - Ringwarte

The Ringkogel (789 m) is part of the Masenberg massif and is located near Hartberg and offers an idyllic setting that is perfect for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts. The climb to the summit leads through picturesque forests and always offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. In spring and summer the region shines in a sea of ​​colors of blooming flowers, while in autumn the forests glow in warm red and gold tones.

The crowning glory of the Ringkogel is undoubtedly the Ringwarte, built in 1906. This observation tower rises majestically above the treetops and offers a 360-degree view over Eastern Styria.

Interesting facts about the Ringkogel and the Ringwarte:

The Ringwarte is open during the opening hours of the “Rastplatz zur Ringwarte” refuge (season: April to the end of October).