Pilgrimage church Frauenberg

The parish and pilgrimage church of Frauenberg an der Enns stands on a hill on the left bank of the Enns in the village of Frauenberg. The Parish Church of the Sacrifice is located in the diocese of Graz-Seckau and is incorporated into the Admont Abbey.

A church on the Kulm was first mentioned in documents over 600 years ago (1410) – the church got its current appearance in the 18th century. As can be seen beautifully in this 360 ° panorama, the 100 meter long building runs in an east-west direction and the two onion domes complete the church in the east.

Here, 130 meters above the Enns, there is a wonderful view over the Enns valley and the surrounding mountains. The view extends from the Kammspitz in the west, 40 km away, to the Gesaeuse Mountains in the east with the Hochtor- and Buchstein group.