Cave system Kirchberg an der Raab

Beneath the Urlas forest in Kirchberg you’ll find this underground vein built by a farmer in 1870 to mine gravel during the winter months. The local historical society (Historischer Verein für das Kirchberger Ländchen) made it its business to explore the numerous veins and caves within the surroundings of Kirchberg.

A celtic barrow is located roughly 5 meters (16.4 feet) above the ceiling of this gravel vein. Although the Urlas-vein is drilled into sand and gravel, its walls are nearly hard as concrete. For the exploration of those veins and caves the historical society rely on local legends, sagas and narratives. It is believed that, according to those sagas, there is another vein ranging from here to the Kirchberg palace which was probably used as an escape path.

Numerous other veins and caves were already discovered in the surroundings of Kirchberg an der Raab and are waiting for their investigation.

Speciality: During some special guided tours through the vein in August 2013, it was possible to shoot this 360° panorama. Especially for these tours the vein was lit-up by LED letting it shine like new.

Shooting date: August 27, 2013