At the foot of what is probably the most striking mountain in Styria the city of Eisenerz with its approximately 4,000 inhabitants is located. Iron ore has been mined here on the Erzberg for around a millennium and is now the largest iron ore mine in Central Europe. With its 30 steps of 24 m each, it is reminiscent of Egyptian step pyramids. The legend of Aquarius about the formation of the Erzberg still knows, as before, every (Styrian) school child. Numerous companies and institutions owe their existence to the mountain, as it is the basis for the economic success of the region for many companies.

Of course, the Erzberg is also used for tourism. For example, interested visitors can experience mining up close on a trip in a heavy goods vehicle ("Hauly"). Railway enthusiasts can "climb" it from Vordernberg with the Erzbergbahn (to the "Erzberg" station).