St. Ruprecht an der Raab

Right in the middle between the cities of Weiz and Gleisdorf you’ll find the small village of St. Ruprecht an der Raab. The village in Eastern Styria is one of the oldest in Styria (first mentioned in the year 860). Therefore it is not surprising that you’ll find also the oldest church of Eastern Styria – the parish church hl. Rupert – right in the center of St. Ruprecht.

St. Ruprecht is located at the end of the Raabklamm (Raab Gorge), which is the longest continuous gorge of Austria with its 17 km lenght. The river Raab rises at the foot of the Osser (south of the Teichalm alp) and flows through the Raab gorge after the village of Arzberg. Today the Raab gorge is a conservation area as it hosts protected species such as the peregrine or the black stork. Also numerous protected plants have found their habitat here. The gorge is devided into the Large and the Small Raab Gorge. For a hike through the Large Raab Gorge you should budget about four hours and for the Small Raab Gorge approximately three hours.

But not only the hikers get their’s money’s worth in and around St. Ruprecht. The fully developed cycle path network leave nothing to be desired. For all those who start their bike trip from St. Ruprecht towards the South on the Raabtal bikeway R11, have the opportunity to cycle more than 70 km through the garden of Austria. The route passes aplle orchards and vineyards and will lead you through the cities of Gleisdorf and Feldbach towards the end of the bikeway R11 in the Hungarian city of Szentgotthard.

And for connoisseurs, the home of the beetle bean offers a diverse range. The local gastronomy offers everything: from home-made ice cream, to Käferbohnenspezialitäten to traditional Styrian cuisine or Italian cuisine or very high quality gastronomy.

Shooting Date: May 28, 2017